Latah County Youth Services was established by the Latah Board of County Commissioners in 1973 to provide Juvenile Probation and Diversion services. Adult Misdemeanor Probation was added in 2008.

Mission Statement

To protect the community by holding offenders accountable and providing supervision while collaborating with other agencies to meet the offenders needs and help them become more responsible citizens.

Once a youth admits or is found guilty of an offense, they are typically placed on probation. Prior to disposition each youth receives a comprehensive risk and needs assessment and treatment plans are created to target areas of criminogenic need as well as to address areas of the Balanced Approach. Elements of probation typically include, but are not limited to; assigning a curfew, mandating school / educational program attendance, urinalysis testing, community service, restitution, participation in counseling and/or groups, use of electronic home monitoring and/or detention, restrictions on activities/associations, and meetings with the probation officer. The objective of probation is to hold the youth accountable, protect the community, and work with the youth to develop competencies and lower their level of risk to re-offend.

Adult Misdemeanor Probation was established in Latah County in 2008. The purpose of the probation program was to hold misdemeanor offenders accountable for their crime, while remaining in the community. Those who are placed on probation are required to meet with a probation officer regularly, submit to searches, and drug testing. Working closely with other social service agencies, the probation department hopes to provide appropriate intervention programs to enhance their competencies and reduce future re-offending. Some programs that the offenders are referred to include: substance abuse; domestic violence; mental health; parenting; and anger management. Further, Latah County Probation Officers encourage employment, sobriety, and personal growth.

Typical offenses of those placed on supervised probation in Latah County include: Driving Under the Influence, Domestic Violence, Assault, Battery, Violation of Protection Order, Misdemeanor Drug Offenses, and Felonies amended to misdemeanors. If the offender chooses to violate his/her terms of probation, the offender may return to Court for appropriate sanctions. Sanctions may include full imposition of their suspended jail sentence, electronic monitoring, or community service. Latah County Misdemeanor Probation also maintains strong partnerships with law enforcement and other justice agencies. Latah County is also involved with the Latah County Mental Health Court.

A diversion program reserved for young, first-time offenders. The citizen’s group hears these cases and assigns consequences. A contract is signed with the youth and parents agreeing to complete the consequences within prescribed timelines. A Probation Officer or the Resource Officer monitors compliance of the agreement. The objective of the Youth Accountability Board is to hold first time offenders accountable while diverting them from the juvenile justice system.

A collaborative effort with the Moscow School District to intervene with Latah County youth and their families before attendance issues escalate to the point of being petitioned into Court for Truancy.

Participants are given a job with a local business and are paid from this fund. As they learn new job skills, they earn money that must be paid toward victim restitution. The objective is to hold the juvenile accountable, create an opportunity for the juvenile to earn money to pay their restitution to their victim, and give the juvenile valuable work experience and job skills.

In lieu of going to detention, youth may be ordered to go to work camp, an overnight community service project in conjunction with the US Forest Service. The youth pay a small fee to help cover the cost of worker’s compensation insurance and meals. The youth are transported to a forest service site where they will perform two days of community service, spend the night, and engage in educational programs and activities under the supervision of Youth Services’ staff. The objective of this program is to hold the youth accountable for their behavior while providing them with an opportunity to give back to the community while developing new skills and an appreciation of outdoor activities.

Girls' Circle is designed to promote resiliency and self-esteem in adolescent girls. Our purpose is to encourage the development of strength, courage, confidence, honesty, and communication skills for girls. Our goal is to enhance girls' abilities so they are able to take full advantage of their talents, academic interests, career pursuits, and potential for healthy relationships.

A cognitive self change-behavioral group, which utilizes a problem solving program involving cognitive restructuring and social skills interventions. An objective of this program is to help our clients identify their thoughts and feelings and how they lead to risky behavior, to ensure positive decision making skills.

A parenting class teaching new skills for raising strong willed or out-of-control adolescents. Some objectives of this twelve week program include empowering our client’s parents to set clear boundaries, imposing appropriate consequences, and gaining a support system to do so.

For youths struggling in school we provide study table every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Tutors are available to assist youth, generally on a 1 on 1 basis. JPO’s coordinate with the schools to evaluate progress on a weekly basis.

Provides an opportunity for offenders and victims to meet face-to-face to address the victim’s informational and emotional needs, as well as develop a mutually agreeable plan for restitution. The objective is to empower the victims in their search for closure and healing, impress upon the offender the human impact of their behavior and to satisfy restitution for the victim.

Funds are used to contract with Weeks and Vietri Counseling and Alliance Family Services to provide substance abuse assessments and outpatient substance abuse treatment. The objective is to aid the youth in leading a drug free lifestyle.

Funds are used to contract with Alliance Family Services and Weeks and Vietri Counseling to provide psychological testing and outpatient mental health counseling to our youth. The objective is to identify and treat our clients’ mental health needs.

Latah County Youth Services has no stronger partner than the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections. Nearly 1/3rd of our revenue comes from IDJC to help us meet the needs of juvenile offenders here in the community. When it is no longer safe to maintain them in the community, we can commit them to the custody of IDJC to receive intervention services in a more structured setting until they are ready to transition home. Please visit for more information.

Our Services

  • Adult Misdemeanor Probation
  • Juvenile Probation
  • Mental Health Assessment and Treatment
  • Moral Reconation Therapy
  • Restitution and Work Program
  • Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment
  • Victim Offender Mediation