Concealed Weapons Licenses, standard and enhanced, are processed through the Driver's Licensing Office during regular business hours, if possible. The Driver's Licensing Office is open to process new license applications from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Renewals are processed through the Records Office. The Records Office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4 p.m Monday through Thursday and 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Friday.

To apply for the standard concealed weapons license, you need to complete the appropriate application packet located in the forms section (forms 1-3), be fingerprinted, provide a copy of your firearms training and pay a $56.10 fee (exact cash or check).

To apply for the enhanced concealed weapons license, you need to complete the appropriate application packet located in the forms section (forms 1-4), which includes a specific training certificate and is usually completed at an approved class, be fingerprinted and pay a $56.10 fee (exact cash or check). The enhanced concealed weapons license became available July 1, 2013 with the following training criteria (which is different than what is required for a standard concealed weapons license) and must be completed within twelve (12) months immediately preceding the filing of the application:

As per Idaho Code §18-3302K (4)(b)(i)-(iv) (i)The course instructor is certified by the national rifle association, or by another nationally recognized organization that customarily certifies firearms instructors as an instructor in personal protection with handguns, or the course instructor is certified by the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training council as a firearms instructor;
(ii) The course is at least eight (8) hours in duration;
(iii) The course is taught face to face and not by electronic or other means; and
(iv)The course includes instruction in:
1. Idaho law relating to firearms and the use of deadly force, provided that such instruction is delivered by either of the following whose name and credential shall appear on the certificate: (A) An active licensed member of the Idaho state bar; or (B) A law enforcement officer who possesses an intermediate or higher Idaho peace officers standards and training certificate.
2. The basic concepts of the safe and responsible use of handguns;
3. Self-defense principles; and
4. Live fire training including the firing of at least ninety-eight (98) rounds by the student.

To renew your concealed weapons license, you will need to complete the appropriate application packet and pay a $37.85 fee (exact cash or check). You may renew your license at any time during the ninety (90) day period before or after its expiration date. Any licensee renewing ninety-one (91) days to one hundred eighty (180) days after the expiration date of the license shall pay a late renewal penalty of ten ($10.00) dollars in addition to the renewal fee of $37.85 dollars. After one hundred eighty-one (181) days, the licensee shall be required to submit an initial application for a concealed weapons license and pay an $56.10 fee. This will need to be done with the Records Office at the Sheriff's Office.

The concealed weapons licensee process can take up to 90 days but is usually completed in less time than that.

People who have convictions for Domestic Violence are not allowed to possess firearms under Federal Law. The Latah County Sheriff’s Office will not issue a Concealed Weapons License to those persons.

For additional information on Concealed Weapons Licenses, you may also visit the State Attorney General’s Office website

Concealed Weapons License FAQ
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