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Latah County Courthouse - Courthouse Annex

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Sheriff's Office
Latah County Jail


The Latah County Jail is an adult male and female holding facility that was built in 1972. The jail is designed to hold adults being charged with a crime while awaiting trial, and those adults sentenced for a crime. We also hold for other forms of due process. We house adult prisoners for the Idaho State Police, Moscow Police Department, United States Marshals Service, Bureau of Prisons, Idaho Department of Corrections, other various counties and our own agency. The jail has a maximum holding capacity of 41 individuals.

The jail is also capable of temporarily holding male and female juveniles. We have a juvenile room capable of holding 1 juvenile at a time. A juvenile may be placed in this room for up to 72 hours then must be transferred out to a Juvenile Detention Center.

The jail is staffed by 1 Sergeant, 3 Corporals and 8 Deputies working 3 different shifts. The jail admits new bookings and releases inmates twenty four hours a day as well as keeping the jail sanitary. Day shift dispenses medication, feeds inmates morning and after meals, delivers and receives individuals from court, transports inmates to different agencies and provides housed inmates access to the library, recreation yard, attorney's and clergy. Swing shift also dispenses medications, feeds inmates the evening meal, provides access to the library, recreation yard, attorney's and clergy, delivers and receives individuals from court, transports inmates to different agencies, provides special programs to inmates. Graveyard shift dispenses medication, completes lock down, security checks, bookings and releases and releases morning work release inmates.

The jail's library consists of reading books, a weight machine and a stationary bike for personal use. We also have an outside recreation yard. Both the library and recreation yard are constantly monitored. Inmates are allowed one hour per day in either location. The library contains a complete set of Idaho Code books and Federal Code books for legal research.

The jail offers special programs to inmates to include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, church services, a G.E.D program and a correspondence course through the University of Idaho.

Prisoners are also offered visitation with family or friends. Males inmates are allowed to visit Sunday's 1:00-4:00 PM and Thursdays 7:00-9:00 PM. Female inmates are allowed visitors Monday's 7:00-9:00 PM and Thursdays 1:00-3:00 PM. All visits are in special visiting rooms and are non-contact.

Home health nurses come into the jail twice a week for inmate sick call. They handle the majority of the cases and for those cases that require a physician, we have a local licensed physician on retainer.


The Latah County Jail is located in the basement of the Latah County Courthouse. The main entrance to the Jail is on Sixth Street just west of Van Buren. Attorneys, visitors, ministers, etc. should use this entrance. The Latah County Jail can be reached by telephone at (208) 882-2216. There is no parking near the Sixth Street entrance, so you will need to park on Van Buren Street or in the parking lot and walk to the Sixth Street entrance. People coming into the Jail can be searched for weapons and contraband.

Visiting Information

Visiting hours for male inmates are:

  • 1pm to 3pm on Tuesday
  • 7pm to 9pm on Thursday
  • 1pm to 4pm on Sunday

Visiting hours for female inmates are:

  • 7pm to 9pm on Monday
  • 1pm to 3pm on Thursday
  • 1pm to 3pm on Saturday

Be sure to bring picture ID when coming to the Jail. Any juveniles coming to visit an inmate must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Contacting Inmates

Inmates have access to telephones to make outgoing collect calls only. If you call the Jail, you will no be able to reach an inmate.

To leave money for an inmate, contact the front desk of the Sheriff's Office. Other materials may not be left for inmates.

Posting Bond

To bond someone out of Jail, bring the amount of bail to the Court Clerk's Office and they will give you a receipt to bring over to the Sheriff's Office. After hours, bond can be posted at the front window of the Sheriff's Office. If you do not have cash for the bond, you will need to contact a bondsman of your choice. There are several bondsmen listed in the yellow pages of the phone book. The bondsman you contact should be familiar with the procedure. The information needed to complete the paperwork can be obtained at the Court Clerk's Office. After hours you can contact the front desk of the Sheriff's Office. The inmate is released from the Sixth Street entrance of the Jail once everything is completed. It takes thirty minutes to an hour to book someone into Jail and another thirty minutes to complete the bond paperwork and release them. If there are problems or the Jail staff is busy, it may take much longer to complete the process.

Jail Inspections

The Latah County Jail under goes numerous inspections each year. We are inspected by the Fire Marshall, Health Department, United States Marshal's Service and the Idaho Sheriff's Association.

The Fire Marshall inspects the sprinkling systems, makes sure we meet the state fire codes, checks fire extinguishers and exit signs.

The Health Department inspects the kitchen and sanitation to make sure we meet the guide lines. All three cooks as well as the Jail Sergeant are and must remain current as certified food handlers.

The Idaho Sheriff's Association makes sure that the jail is in compliance with the State of Idaho Minimum Jail Standards. This includes the physical facility, medical standards, food service and all aspects of inmate keeping.

The U.S. Marshal's Service/Bureau of Prisons inspects our facility in line with the State minimum jail standards and insures we comply with all Federal standards.

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