here are several possible answers for this question:

1) Is the bill for 'personal property'? If your parcel number, located in the upper right corner, begins with the letters 'PP', this is a bill for personal property. In 2013 the State of Idaho changed the laws governing personal property taxes, exempting the first $100,000 assessed value. Therefore if the combined value on your tax bill(s) is less than $100,000 you will be exempt from taxes. For more information regarding this change in taxes contact the Latah County Assessor's Office.

2) If you have qualified for the Idaho Tax Reduction Program (also known as the Circuit Breaker) there will be an indication in the middle section of your bill showing a payment amount equal to your taxes. For more information regarding this program contact the Latah County Assessor's Office.

3) If pre-payments have been made you will see an indication of payment in the middle section of your bill. Questions regarding payments can be directed to the Treasurer's Office.
In the body of your statement we list each of the taxing districts which we collect for. If you see SD# that indicates a School District: SD#281 is Moscow; SD#282 is Genesee; SD#283 is Kendrick/Juliaetta; SD#285 is Potlatch; SD#287 is Troy; and SD#288 is Whitepine.

Phone numbers for these school districts may be found on the Taxing District Officials Phone list.
In the lower left portion of your tax bill is a box showing: PLEASE READ. This box has replaced the red stamp. If your tax bill has been requested by a mortgage company there will be a Bank Code at the top center of your bill and the box will appear on your statement. Please note: All taxpayers receive their original tax statement. Tax information is sent when requested by a mortgage company.
Each property is appraised to find its market value All values within a taxing district (school, city, etc.) are summed. Homeowners (and other) exemptions are subtracted. The tax district determines its budget, subtracting other revenue sources

These are examples only.....

Budget/Value = Levy

School Levy Example $84,159,823/$10,214,550,528 = .008239210 = .8239210%
1. Levies for taxing districts serving your property are added together.
Taxing District Levy
County .003046731
School .008239208
City .005590915
Special Districts (highway, cemetery, fire) .001178948
Total .018055802

2. The total of these levies are multiplied by your taxable value to determine your tax:
House Value $80,000.00
Lot Value 18.000.00
Total Value $98,000.00
Less Homeowner Exemption (40,000.00)
Total Taxable Value $58,000.00

These are examples only..... $58,000 × 1.8055802% = $1,047.24 Total Tax