Noxious Weed Control

Supervised by the County Commissioners, this department is responsible for enforcement of the State Noxious Weed Law; the Idaho Department of Agriculture Rules and Regulations and the County Noxious Weed Ordinance. The department's activities include inspecting land in Latah County for compliance with the above laws, rules, regulations and ordinances, while checking for the invasion of weeds new to the state or county or new outbreaks of known noxious weeds and to consult, advise and provide direction on matters pertaining to the most effective and practical methods of noxious weed control.


Our Services
  • Inspecting Lands for Compliance
  • Checking for New Weed Invasions
  • Advising on Noxious Weed Control

Idaho Noxious Weed Book

Idaho Noxious Weeds Book

A free copy of the Idaho Noxious Weed Book is available for Latah County residents. A PDF copy is also available.